Rooted in traditional kosher practice yet wonderfully innovative, Kosher Revolution shows readers how to think about all recipes to produce great kosher dishes from any source—dishes that often outshine the originals. The book's unique techniques, based on simple food chemistry and ingenious ingredient substitutions, promise a limitless kosher repertoire while fostering creativity and independence from recipes.

Kosher Revolution provides 11 chapters of easy and exciting kosher recipes organized by course—many cleverly modifiable to serve a variety of menus and occasions, from family meals to company fare plus new approaches to old favorites. An opening section called "Getting Started" explores conversion fundamentals and pantry information. Special chapters are devoted to breakfast and brunch specialties; meatless main courses; and basics like challahs, stocks, and mayonnaises. Each chapter will specify how the "kosher revolution" approach can be applied for maximum recipe flexibility. In addition, "three in-one" recipes show how a single formula can be altered to become meat, dairy, or pareve—the dish categories dictated by kosher practice. A unique chart offering ingredient exchange options at a glance, invaluable shopping resources, and a foreword by leading cookbook author Arthur Schwartz, round out the book.

With groundbreaking techniques, labor-saving strategies, and great recipes from around the globe, Kosher Revolution will become an instant classic—an indispensable guide for a wide range of food lovers, both observant and not, from starter cooks to the kitchen-confident. You will never cook kosher food the same way again!